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Deep Zen Meditation and Freediving is a fusion concept created by the Zen Master Kosho in order to help people to experience and achieve inner peace and freedom through the practices of silent and straight sitting meditation (i.e zen meditation, zazen) , breathold and open water freediving.

Workshops, worldwide education, travels, courses, retreats and so much more opportunities for you to improve your limits and get beyond them, reaching fullfilling states of bliss and satisfaction for a deeper and more harmonious experience of life is clearly what I wish to offer you. We wish to have fun with ourselves in the most conscious and harmonious way.

Browsing the present website, I hope also to make you discover the beauty of underwater world and the ultimate peacefull aspects of selfless practice, transmitting you the will of moving towards the real expectations you may have about yourself.

Welcome on website, may your visit become inspiration... and source of intense fun.

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Zen Meditation
Since unknown ages, wisemen, mystics, monks, nuns, bodhisattvas, buddhas and masters have been practicing the fundamental posture of zazen. Today accessible to anyone who can handle the sweet effort of sitting in silence with a straight back can discover the limitless space of this most authentic form of meditation. Letting go, harmony first,  beyond the phenomenons. Let the depths absorb you. 
Zazen is a must practice and should not be compared to ordinary meditative practices.
Freediving is certainly one of the most direct ways to improve your limits. Safely going beyond your fears and resistances, freediving provides an incredible feeling of independance and self esteem, added to an uncomparable joy of discovering the underwater world like never before. From advanced snorkeling to deep competition levels, the art of diving without air equipment is a direct experience of your inner being.
Freediving is a must try, you cannot miss this intense fun.
A way of living
The dimension of a human being is certainly not about the amount of things it knows or its material wealth but more eventually about the depth of the soul and heart it can reach and share. Freediving and authentic zen meditation, practiced seriously, in harmony, safely and with fun will obviously lead anyone to great achievments and spectacular improvement of their way of living. Peacefully absorbed at depth, a renewed soul will get back to surface.
Deep zen is a way of life, why just not try what it is whole about.
We propose different types of events thoughout the year such as zen retreat, freediving courses (AIDA levels 1 to 3) , conferences, direct lives online, discovery travel and many other activities around the world. Click on the link just down you will find the events already planned.

Be carefull that the present planning can be modified during the year
On demand it is possible to organise what will suit you the best, from group travels to individual online coaching. Most commonly, we propose education for freediving (with or without AIDA certification) and zen meditation coaching and buddying, retreats, sometimes mixed together so that you can really have a touch on your inner depth and get the biggest fun out of it.

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