On dry land or underwater, discover, practice and improve your depth.

Deep Zen website is dedicated to the practice of zen meditation, zazen, and freediving, underwater swimming and breathold. You will easily find here many ways to improve your depth by receiving help, tips and solutions concerning the practice of the true self or selfless aspects of your existence. Diving is more than an art, it is an inner act of abandonning your limits, getting beyond and enjoying freely what and who you truly are... Zen meditation and freediving are just ways, don't forget it's all about you in the first place


On the Deep Zen website you will be able to find events you can join to learn how to sit, breathe and meditate the proper way, without being oriented to any dogma or religion. Learning how to practice zazen is an opportunity that many have taken and most have been able to understand and integrate the many benefits of it. All advanced freedivers know and recognise the plus that can bring the practice of a simple and easy meditation, staying zen, improving yourself, only observing without unusefull entertainment of the mind.

Obviously courses of freediving are proposed for groups and individuals. As said before, they come under the form of specific events but also as coaching sessions, in pool, open water and/or dry land, for those who wish to step in or forward the practice of freediving, breathold and apnea in a more individual way.

During the year, and in different places of the world, snorkeling and freediving excursions are organised for the people who are more into discovering the different aspects of underwater nature.

In the same field of interest but dedicated to the future of earth in a more engaged way, many free events are proposed in which the teachings of meditation and freediving skills are offered in exchange of help cleaning the beaches and underwater surrondings, when not simply on dry land.

As a certified zen master versed into helping people to get beyond life difficulties, Skype individual sessions are also proposed, including for soul retrieval and positive empowerment, in case we're to far away from eachother to figure it out or in closely.

To finish, when you feel like spending a little money to buy some goodies, artisanal stuff i do myself and more, the shop is here for you.

Have fun browsing DEEPZEN... :)

Freediving is getting more and more popular, attracting and impressively good for your feeling of independance and personnal emancipation. Having some knowledge and experience of meditation practice, even and mostly at basic levels, is undodgeable for 21rst earth citizen. It is in accordance to these facts and principles that Deep Zen website is finally born. It is here for you, with special dedication to quality, service and safety... Feel free to visit and profit entirely of it, you were expected and definitely welcome.